Our Focus, Our Team

What We Do

Since 1990, we've been providing expert advice to financial professionals, new and
existing business owners and executives to navigate and fully mine the complex
benefits of the Canadian Income Tax Act. While each solution is customized, our
proven strategies focus on four quadrants of opportunity:

Whether targeting one, two, three or even all four quadrants, we lead teams of
financial planners, lawyers and accountants to one end — finding the optimal custom
tax strategy for each client's unique circumstances.
(Serre Financial does not manage investments or make investment fund recommendations)

Our Story

Dennis and Lisa Serre’s passion for tax strategy dates back decades to their first
meeting in basic training at H&R block. Even then, these two recognized something
others in this business missed. Their clients amounted to more than line items on a leger
sheet. They had families and jobs, education dreams for their kids and retirement
strategies. In short, they had lives. This big-picture understanding, they knew, was
something they could build on.

Dennis decided to dig deeper, and learn the business from the inside out. He joined
what was in 1990 Revenue Canada (now Canada Revenue Agency), focusing on
pension reform, RSPs and trusts. His goal: to learn as much as possible about the
income tax act — and he did.

He went on to consult for various mutual funds companies, implementing various
products. He worked too as a compliance officer and tax manager. Time and again,
trusted advisors would ask him for tax planning advice for professional clients. With
the demand overwhelming, Serre Financial finally turned their entire focus to tax

Today, Dennis continues to advance his tax planning knowledge and expertise. His
work for business owners and financial industry professionals has earned him
recognition as one of the top tax authorities in the country.

Over the past decade, the Serre Financial team has grown to include many talented
tax experts, each crafting superior solutions for each of the several thousand
SF clients.

Their work universally, however, is guided by one basic principle: Finding value with a
net benefit to the end client. In short, the Serre Financial business model works like this
— if you win, if your clients win, SF wins.

Our People

Our working philosophy starts with extraordinary people. We think it only makes
sense that Serre Financial staff will treat our clients as they are treated—three-
dimensional people with businesses goals, families, hopes and aspirations.
The end result? Superior service and integrity are our hallmarks. We set the
industry bar for knowledgeable supportive staff, as well as continuous Income Tax
compliance and maintenance. Further, we invest in our people with ongoing industry
education and in the tools they need to ensure continuous improvement.
Meet our people:

Serre Executive

Dennis Serre

President & CEO

Lisa Serre

Chief Financial Officer

Mary Danielle Gillies

Director of Operations
Dennis brings over 25 years of industry experience to the table for his clients and Advisors, and is a member of a variety of pension committees. Dennis remains a leader in the industry by researching and providing new tax alternatives for business owners.

Lisa has over 25 years of experience in management accounting, and oversees all of Serre Financial’s government filings and auditing procedures. Her focus on accuracy and precise deliverables ensures that operations are running in an efficient and cost effective manner.

Mary Danielle’s brings a 15-year long track record in being exemplary among her peers for delivering a triple-bottom line. Having started in day to day banking and moving upwards through investing services to managing in-depth credit structures, and most recently advising business owners on start-ups, exit financing, mergers and acquisitions, it’s clear she understands the various elements of corporate structures intimately.

Giving Back

We're grateful for our loyal clientele and the opportunity to succeed. And with that, giving back to our community is important. This includes support for:

Special Olympics - Brampton
Princess Margaret Cancer Centre - Ride to Conquer Cancer
Canadian Diabetes Association
Headwaters Health Care Foundation
Oakville Rotary
Family Transition Place - Orangeville

Professional Memberships