Our Solutions

Not Products. Customized Solutions.

See below key elements of our customized solutions. Far from prefab products,
these are avenues for crafting optimal tax strategies attuned to each
client's needs and goals. Click on the solutions of interest to learn more.

Private Health Services Plan (PHSP)

Our CRA-approved PHSP sets the industry standard for low-risk, high-net-benefit medical plan solutions.

Individual Pension Plan/Family Pension Plan (IPP)/(FPP)

We're big believers in IPPs (and FPPs) as a vehicle to save for retirement, but they have to be the right fit. We know the best plans are customized top to bottom.

Retirement Compensation Arrangement (RCA)

Serre Financial is one of Canada's most trusted providers of RCA solutions because we work with you to fully understand what individual clients want to accomplish short-term and long-term.

Medical Trust (MT)

We focus on the details. In contrast to competitors, we're experts at structuring these trusts to satisfy both your client's specific long-term needs and CRA scrutiny.

Incorporation Setup & Registration

Incorporation is an excellent way to limit your liability by segregating your personal and business assets.

Business Valuation

Determining the fair market value of a business may be required for a variety of reasons, including sale value, establishing value of shares, insurance coverage and divorce proceedings.

Corporate Re-organization

Learn when and why a business Re-Organization is appropriate.

Shareholders' Agreement

Balance the interests of all stakeholders in the company.

Wills and Power of Attorney

Customizing handling of your personal estate and distribution of personal assets.

Family Trust

Take advantage of certain tax planning opportunities.


A customized overview analysis and roadmapping of your corporation's financial future.