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We are a Financial Services company that focuses our expertise on aiding business owners, professionals and executives by mastering complex benefits within the Income Tax Act. This is performed through the appropriate utilization of proven strategies allowed by Canada Revenue Agency.

We work with the client's trusted and established team of Financial Planners, Lawyers and Accountants in three main areas:

1. Increasing their Cash Flow
2. Decreasing their Tax Liabilities
3. Increasing their Retirement Benefits

At Serre Financial, we clearly understand our client's needs. We strive to provide the guidance and clarity we would look for as a client and we are committed to giving service beyond expectations.

The Bottom Line

Serre Financial's services add excellent value. Our knowledgeable staff and continuous Income Tax Act compliance are benchmarks within the industry.

With over a decade of providing first-class solutions and great service, Serre Financial makes their clients more money!

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